Avec55, a cooking workshop in the heart of Tivoli

"Avec55", the new restaurant in Tivoli Raoul Reperi.

After nine years in "La Ronda" Tivoli, Raoul Reperi collects pots and pans and a new adventure begins just a few hundred meters away from its old location.

It's called "Avec55 - Cooking Workshops" the new restaurant of chef Tiburtino, a name that combines the conjunction French "avec" ("with" in Italian, which then refers to staying together) at number of locations, in Domenico 55 Giuliani, in fact, in Tivoli.

The expression "kitchen laboratory" is rather a statement of intent: Avec55 is a place where one experiences in search of quality cuisine, light (also in price), but always innovative with a strong territorial.

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