Avec55 cooking workshop, restaurant in Tivoli

"Avec55" is a modern place, informal and devoid of frills. A small kitchen (a sort of laboratory alchemist) overlooks the room, interspersed with a white bar that recalls the style of restaurants Oreintal and to whom you can sit for a glass of wine or even dinner.

Raoul moves into his kingdom as a perfect master of the house is in the kitchen but always attentive to what happens at the table, attention to detail in the purchases of raw materials and collects feedback from its customers.

The menu changes contiunuazione, is deeply tied to the excellence of the Lazio region, but certainly the fresh fish plays an important role in offering gastronomic restaurant.

"Avec55" is a workshop because the chef has the freedom to create a prop and an inspiration. Continuing in the province so brave a kitchen concept is a challenge that is worth supporting.

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